Say Hello To TEMARYA!

We make beautiful designs about things you love and put them on delicious looking T-shirts.

The Story:

In the Satpuda mountains, a tribe Nihal is found staying in nature from very long time. These Nihal people are living in their way of life. Nihal people population has been reduced considerably in decades.  

Hence to support this tribual Nihali spoken languge, we have given the name to our startup with our unique design of tiger: "TEMARYA"

Their spoken language is very unique and different, known as "NihalI". In Nihali languge, a word called TEMARYA called for Tiger. As Nihali population is reducing the associated things with them also degrading.

Creative Designs
Amazing photographs
Presentable WallHangings

We are passionate about these special skills within us and believe every individuals creations, designs, innovation are unique with no of parameters. 

With this belief, our born talent team & inspired leadership we have brought these skills in innumerable presentation.

These creations would feel & help you every individual to make happy, motivated & proud.

Happiness | Satisfaction | achievement

Happiness, Satisfaction, achievement & gifts are the high values to every individuals. This may be small or big, it gives motivation, excitement & feel proud to an individual.

God & nature has gifted us certain key things like rainbow, greenary, watre falls, sunset view etc. which help us to meet the aboves values in our life. Inspired from these things human has added to these values by ......

... Creativity, Imagination, innvotaion & dreams in his day to day life.